We are excited to announce the release of FileCloud 14, IT industry’s most versatile enterprise file sharing and sync platform. This release includes state-of-the-art new features, significant product improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.

Self-Hosted or Hosted by Us


Run FileCloud on your infrastructure, with full control over your data.

AWS and Azure:

Run FileCloud on Amazon AWS, AWS GovCloud or Microsoft Azure

Flexible Storage:

Hybrid options including local storage (HDD, NAS/SAN), Amazon S3, or OpenStack


Integrate with Existing Fileservers

Active Directory (AD):

Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP to synchronize user accounts and groups

NTFS Permissions:

Allow remote access to existing Windows File servers preserving user NTFS permissions

Branch Office Support:

Provide fast access to files to remote branch offices while reducing network latency

Full Text Search:

Seamlessly find documents by searching through file content even in your existing file shares



Broadcast Your Brand:

Bring your business front and center with your branding and logos in the web and mobile

Own Domain:

Run FileCloud under your own domain, for example files.abccompany.com

White Label:

Customize all aspects of FileCloud, including login pages, emails, messages and newsfeed.


FileCloud supports English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian



Encryption at Rest and in Transit:

Full encryption of files at rest and encryption of all communication during transit

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

Add an extra layer of protection when logging in using email or Google Authenticator

Anti-Virus scanning:

Automatic anti-virus scanning of files when uploading files

Ransomware Protection:

Heuristic file content scanning engine to detect and block Ransomware

Single Sign-On (SSO):

Integrated SAML 2.0, Microsoft NTLM and Microsoft ADFS login support. SSO for desktop clients.



File Locking:

Users can lock or checkout files to avoid conflicting changes


Design custom workflows to automate business processes using simple ‘If this, then that (IFTTT)’ steps

Smart Notifications:

Alerts users when shared files or folders are changed


Enable conversations around files

Activity stream:

Allows users to view and track file activity


Ideal for MSPs


Multi-Tenancy architecture for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and large enterprises

High Availability:

Scales effortlessly and offers failover capability to maximize uptime

Sync, Share and Mobile Access

Remote Access: 

Allows users to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device



Syncs content across computers and smart phones, replacing Dropbox or Box.net

Mobile Apps:

Allow access to files from iOS, Android and Windows Phone


Mount your remote files as a network share in Windows Explorer


File Sharing

Advanced Sharing:

Public and Private sharing with expiration dates and other global policies

Large File Support:

Upload and share large files with no size limit

Built-in document preview:

Preview documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files,) directly in the browser

Granular Folder/Sub Folder Permissions:

Designed to fit any existing file share structure and permission hierarchy


Office, Outlook Add-ons

Edit in the browser:

Integrate with Microsoft Office Online server or LibreOffice to open and edit documents in the browser

MS Outlook Add-on:

Automatically upload large file attachments to FileCloud and send a share link

MS Office Add-on:

Edit and Save documents directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Office Mobile Apps:

Edit documents on mobile using Microsoft Office iOS and Android mobile Apps


Administrator Features

User Management:

Manage users, groups, storage quotas, granular security policies

Role based Access:

Delegate admin operations to fellow system administrators

Full Audit Logs:

HIPAA compliant audit trail

File Analytics and Reports

Get insights on your business and collaboration, e.g., usage trends, access by geo, and content mix


Powerful REST APIs:

Integrate with FileCloud in minutes and create apps on top of FileCloud platform

Device management:

Manage all connected devices


Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint Backup:

Securely backup and restore files across all platforms including automatic media backup from mobile devices

Remote Wipe:

Remotely wipe or block devices to prevent unauthorized access if devices get lost or stolen

File Versioning:

Automatic unlimited versioning of files so you can always rollback

Recycle Bin:

Recover accidentally deleted files

View Only File Sharing:

Prevent download, printing or copy/paste


Low Cost of Ownership

Free client accounts:

Unlimited free client accounts (web only accounts) for secure sharing

Simple Pricing:

Simple pricing structure including all maintenance, support and updates