11 Apr 2017 by Altaro Software 0 Altaro News

Ever since we released Altaro VM Backup v7 we’ve received great feedback from our customers on how well Augmented Inline Deduplication works for them, drastically reducing their backup storage requirements.

But instead of *telling* you just how good the backup performance of v7 is, we decided to run a survey among our users and let the data speak for itself.

We asked our users to share with us:

How much VM data they’re currently backing up
How much backup storage is required using Altaro VM Backup v7.

We also ran a comparison with some of our biggest competitors to get a gauge of how well Altaro VM Backup performance stacks up against those guys.

The result is the below infographic, which shows you real-world data of backup storage savings with Augmented Inline Deduplication, as well as a few example customers and their VM workloads.