TSplus 10.20 release announcement:

    • Universal Printer and Printing feature: Please note that from now on, TSplus will use a new version for the Universal Printer driver. This new release enables the Administrator to change the paper format (A4 or Letter) and to scale the document even when the margins are narrow. Last but not least, it gives him the option to add some printer setting features.Please note these important modifications:

      1) In case of Update Release, it does NOT install automatically the new driver, in order to avoid a regression for existing customers. However, the new Universal Printer setup program is available and can be used for users which would have issues with their old Universal Printer driver.
      2) In case of new Setup, it is always the new Universal Printer driver which is installed. In addition, Sumatra is retained as the local PDF reader, in order to allow users who don’t have Acrobat nor Foxit to keep printing on any PC.


    • The HTML5 features has been enhanced for a richer user experience: it is now handling the time zone redirection, including the Summer/Winter time. The option to use Shift Function keys has been added too. Regarding file transfer, the client using the Web Portal or the RemoteApp will be able to directly download files from server to client by copying any files into the webfile folder, exactly as if he was using a full Remote Desktop:

  • All 10.10 known issues have been fixed and this release is including all of these fixes. These issues were in most cases, session-related issues, such as:- One Single Application: the session was closing immediately after the logon when started with the Web Application portal. This is no longer an issue. Important improvements have been made to prevent this kind of bug in the future, which are detailed below in the “enhancements” description.
    RemoteApp Client: For several months, clients have encountered issues with this feature. The behavior of the RemoteApp has been revised to avoid this.
    Web Application Panel: there were logon/logoff/disconnect/reconnect/capture issues. It is fixed now. – CPU usage: TSplus 10.20 generalizes the use of Windows API to shrink the CPU usage of the programs, eliminating in the process any session-related issue (closing).
    Client Generator: For many years, the settings stored on the user PC/RDP folder were not changing if a new generated client was using the name of an old one.
  • TSplus 10.20 changes this situation and adds an option to enforce the new settings even in this case.